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The Central Indiana Chapter supports habitat projects throughout our service area.

Central Indiana Chapter Habitat Program

Habitat conservation is the foundation of Pheasants Forever which is why we are known as "The Habitat Organization".  Our chapter is committed to improving local wildlife habitat.  We support all habitat projects regardless of size as it not only benefits game birds, but all wildlife including songbireds and beneficial insects.

Central Indiana has experienced urban sprawl with significant habitat loss.  Wildlife, including game birds, have experienced population decline due to the lack of suitable habitat.  Habitat is integral in stabilizing and increasing game bird and other wildlife numbers.  Therefore, we must focus upon protecting, improving, and restoring suitable habitat.  For us, that means increasing the amount of grassland habitat which consists of native, bunch-forming warm season grasses and wildflowers.  This habitat provides needed nesting, brood rearing, feeding, and wintering areas for all wildlife. 

We have a habitat team that can provide technical assistance with restoration projects.  In addition, native warm season grasses require a specialized planter for installation.  Our chapter has a warm season grass drill which can be used to plant your habitat.  Contact Dan Wood for information or to utilize our drill.

Visit our Seed Program page for information on reasonably priced seed which can be purchased for your habitat.


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