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The Central Indiana Chapter offers a wide variety of seed for habitat projects.

Central Indiana Chapter Seed Program

Our chapter has a seed program to provide seed and seed mixes at very competitive prices.  The primary goal of our chapter is to increase wildlife habitat, so we offer these low prices to get habitat in the ground!!  We have developed the seed mixes to meet NRCS CP program requirements.  These mixes have been created with specific species that meet the needs of game birds and other wildlife.  Our mixes also include Plateau herbicide tolerant mixes so that this herbicide can be used in your weed management program.  Finally, we have pollinator habitat mixes available that were specially blended for native pollinators and monarch butterflies.  

While these mixes were developed to maximize wildlife benefits, we have access to over 200 species of grass and wildflower species. Therefore, we can customize any mix that meets your habitat needs.  Download our seed brochure or contact Dan McCord for more information.

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